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Down by the Whiskey Still

In October of 2015 former Boxty guitar player Jon Bonner and myself went into the studio to record a couple of songs for release as singles. We needed some guest players to fill out our sound and Dave Bowman was top of the list. I've known Dave for 6 years so he laid down his whistle on "Shenandoah" and "Whiskey in the Jar". We began to disuss music and the direction of the new band, it quickly became apparent that we were on the same page and with that in November Dave came on board as the third member of Boxty. By the end of the month three weeks after Dave played his first gig it was obvious that the lads were too good not to be on an album so we headed into the studio. Nine of the songs on the album were recorded in a single 5 hour session with all of us playing live together and guest players added later. The resulting album "Down by the Whiskey Still" was completed and released on January 15th less than 10 weeks after Dave joined the band. It's a testament to the hard work put in by all involved but in truth, by all rights it's an album that shouldn't exist.

                                           - Cormac

Special Thanks

Mike Clarke Recording:

         The Professional grade audio is provided by Mike Clarke who did all the grunt work to make the album sound as good as it does.

Mike Clarke Junior:

           Mike Clarke Junior added the upright bass to every track on the album at little to no cost without him we would not have had a professional sounding album. We are in his debt.

Bobby Britt:

           Legendary "Town Mountain" fiddle player Bobby guested on "Shenandoah" and "Whiskey in the Jar".

Corey Walden:

           Corey leant his stylings to both "Sally MacLenane"  and "Clare Island" with any luck we'll see him again on down the road.

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